27 February, 2016

Another look at the common house fly

A few weeks ago I cautiously wrote a rather optimistic piece about the common house fly

As it turns out, the use of pesticides designed to kill Musca Domestica (and other insects) is actually causing more damage to the ecosystem than the flies themselves. 

Without them, we'd be instantly neck-deep in piles of detritus and dead matter. 

You don't want to know about that, right? 

To offer a respectful nod to the benefits of flies, I thought about elevating Mr. House Fly to the realm of found object art...and this lovely, scary piece manifested itself. I made it from cabinet knobs, wooden handles, wire, cloth, leather and vintage buttons. 

What better way to remind ourselves that insects--including the lowly house fly--are worthy of our utmost and deepest appreciation?

Don't worry...if you hang him from his chain, he won't end up crawling on your food.
Dimensions: 13"L x 5"W x 9"H

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