25 January, 2016

High Fives to Flies

Musca Domestica: The Cleaners

Think twice before you wish house flies would become extinct. The use of pesticides designed to kill Musca Domestica (and other insects) is actually causing more damage to the ecosystem than the flies themselves. Without them, we'd be instantly neck-deep in piles of detritus and dead matter. 

On the flip side, flies benefit our world by...
...pollinating flowers, especially in regions where bees are scarce.
...recycling food waste.
...providing food for frogs, lizards, spiders, bats, dragonflies, fish and birds.
...hastening carcass and garbage decomposition.
...providing aphid control in gardens.
...providing scientists and engineers with new applications in flight control, waste management, water quality and wound healing.

Source: Kelly Martin

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